King Street Pilot News

Toronto’s executive committee votes unanimously to make King Street pilot project permanent - April 9 2019

“The City of Toronto‘s executive Committee has approved recommendations to make the King Street pilot project permanent after its launch almost a year-and-a-half ago…” Read more.

‘King Street by the Numbers’ - April 3 2019

The Ryerson City Building Institute (CBI) crunched some numbers and published an updated time value savings calculation, as well as compared the low cost of this innovative transit solution to expensive capital projects that will move less people for the price. Take a look at the numbers here.

King Street Public Life Study Results - April 3 2019

Park People conducted a public life study of the King Street Pilot with the City of Toronto. Two of their key findings are that new public spaces on King Street invite people to linger and that King West comes alive at night. Read the full report..

MEDIA ADVISORY: Representatives of the King for All Coalition will speak to media - April 2 2019

King for All Coalition representatives will speak to the media regarding the #KingStreetPilot recommendations tomorrow, April 3rd, at 9am at City Hall, outside Committee Room 1. See full advisory here.

King Street Pilot project should be made permanent, city staff report says - April 2 2019

CBC reports on the final data and recommendations from city staff about the King Street Pilot. Read more here.

What happened at the King Street Pilot public meeting? - December 13 2018

CityPlace Residents Assocation, Liberty Village Residents Assocation, TTCriders and Walk Toronto hosted a public meeting on Monday November 26th 2018 to create a space for people to share how the pilot project has impacted them since it’s implementation last November. Read TTCriders’ recap here.

King Street West Transit Pilot, Consumer insights provided by potloc & Retail insider - November 28 2018

A new study was released by potloc & Retail insider that demonstrates the impacts of the transit pilot on motorists, transit riders, pedestrians, and cyclists. Some of the major takeaways include:

  • 76% of people are shopping more or about the same amount as before the pilot was implemented

  • 82% of transit riders have experienced an improvement in streetcar service

  • 68% of people feel that the pilot has improved the pedestrian-friendliness of the area

Read the full study here.

Beyond the commute: Three ways the King Street Pilot creates more liveable communities - November 13 2018

The Atmospheric Fund shares how the King Street Pilot contributes to move liveable communities by improving public health, vibrancy & accessibility, and economic prosperity. Read the full blog post here.

One year in data deems King St. pilot project a success - November 12 2018

Toronto Star journalist Michael Lewis looks at the data from one year into the pilot project. Read his full story here.

One Year In: The King Street Pilot – Monday November 26th at 7 pm - November 11th 2018

TTCriders and CityPlace Residents Association, two members of the King for All Coalition, are hosting an open meeting for people who live, work, shop, and travel on King Street to share their experience with the King Street Pilot over the past year. Learn more and register here.

New July & August 2018 King Street Pilot Dashboard - November 2nd 2018

A new King Street Pilot dashboard has been released by the City to summarize data from July and August. The dashboard includes updates on reliability of the streetcar, travel times for streetcars and cars, as well as car, pedestrian, and cyclist volumes. Look at the full dashboard here…

#KingStreetPilot Tweet Chat - Oct. 29 2018

TTCriders is hosting a twitter chat about the King Street Pilot on November 5th at 1PM. Follow the chat on twitter by searching for the #KingStreetPilot hashtag and add your perspective to the conversation by responding to a series of questions that will be asked by the host. Read more about the chat here…

Take OCAD's King Street Pilot Survey - Oct. 17 2018

There’s a survey being conducted by OCAD University’s Visual Analytics Lab to better understand how people experience the King Street Pilot streetscape. Do you live, work, or shop along King Street? Take the survey to influence the urban design of this space:

Launching the 2-Hour Challenge on King Street - Oct. 2 2018

Yesterday King St. businesses and members of the King for All Coalition, including residents’ associations, business improvement areas, and civic organizations, came together to launch the 2-Hour Challenge. Learn more about the contest here and check out pictures from the launch posted by TTCriders here…

New report demonstrates $11.5 million in time savings from the pilot - Sept. 20 2018

Ryerson University’s City Building Institute (CBI) has released a new report looking at the value of time savings for transit riders thanks to the King Street Pilot. They estimate that the pilot leads to $11.5 million in time savings per year based on available data. Read the full report here.

New data released by the City of Toronto for May and June 2018 - Aug. 22 2018

Newly released data from the City of Toronto from May and June confirms that the King Street Pilot is increasing ridership, improving reliability, and speeding up travel times for transit riders!

The new data from May and June shows:

  • streetcars are traveling up to 5 minutes faster

  • a 6% average increase in reliability during peak service

  • 11% increase in all-day weekday ridership

Read the full report here.