The challenge

Throughout the month of October use the TTC's new 2-hour transfer to visit local businesses in the King Street pilot area & enter to win great prizes!

How to Play

  1. Mark the date and time of your TTC trip on your contest card to start your 2-hour challenge window

  2. Hop-off the streetcar and visit at least four participating businesses before your 2-hours are up

  3. Show the merchant your contest card and ask them to initial and time stamp your card (bonus: some will have food/drink samples and collectibles for you too!)

  4. Enter to win by tweeting a photo of your contest card with the hashtag #2hrsonKing or email them to

  5. Play up to four times to increase your chances of winning great prizes!

contest cards

Contest cards will be available starting October 1st at all participating businesses.

participating businesses

Is your business located between Bathurst and Jarvis on King Street? Fill out this form to sign-up as a participating business.


Our prize list is growing…