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Over the next three weeks City Council will decide the future of the King Street Pilot, the transit priority project that was implemented in November 2017.

Show your support for the King Street Pilot and tell City Council to make it permanent & even better.

The year-long pilot has made travel on King Street more reliable and pedestrian-friendly. It has also boosted transit ridership by over 10,000 passengers because transit has become faster and more reliable.

Residents, commuters, and businesses along the corridor have called the King Street Pilot “transformational” and look forward to working with the City to improve it.

“We’ve seen huge benefits from prioritizing transit on King Street for the businesses we represent, because their employees are able to get to and from work faster and more reliably on a daily basis.”

-       Deborah Thompson, Executive Director of Liberty Village BIA (representing over 800 businesses with more than 11,000 employees)

Prioritizing transit on King Street puts people first. Here’s what King St. users are saying[1]:

  • 89% of regular riders say service is faster and more reliable

  • 87% of people who walk regularly on King say it is more pedestrian-friendly

  • 76% of respondents said they’ve visited local retailers either more often or as often as they had before the pilot project

  • 14% more people are taking transit on King Street, which reduces congestion and noise & air pollution[2]

We need to make transit priority a permanent feature on King so we can build on the pilot’s success!

About the King Street Pilot

King Street is the busiest surface route in the city, moving over 70,000 passengers per day before the pilot project. Taking transit on King street was unpredictable and stress-inducing. It was often faster to walk than take the streetcar.

The King Street Pilot was introduced in November 2017 to address these issues by restricting through traffic and left turns at most intersections to prioritize transit vehicles between Bathurst and Jarvis St, the most congested part of the street.

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Key Dates

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[1] potloc & Retail Insider Survey conducted from August 17th to September 10th, 2018 about impact of Transit Pilot on King Street West.

[2] City of Toronto data averaged over available months (January, April, June, October 2018).